Karen Azulai

HR tech | Sourcing | Future or work

Co-founder of HRTechnation.com | Advisor to HR Tech startups | Keynote speaker | Mentor @akt Labs | Advanced Sourcing trainer

Karen is a multi-disciplinarian, visionary professional who operates at the intersection of talent sourcing and recruitment technologies (HR Tech). She is a leading voice in the international sourcing community and regularly keynotes at conferences around Europe.

Karen leads the Israeli sourcing community in her group (Hebrew) "The Art of Sourcing", as well as delivers in-house workshops in Israel and overseas. She also leads the Israeli HR Tech founder's community, co-founded HRTechnation.com, mentors at Israel's first HR Tech accelerator (AKT), speak at Castling-Vet, Israel's vet officers exponential Innovation program and judges in HR Tech startup competitions and hackathons.

She is very passionate about the future of sourcing and recruitment and am motivated by raising awareness to the upcoming changes in our industry.

PRESENTATION: How to become an augmented sourcer?
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