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UPDATE: We have postponed the worshop to ensure safety to all attendees. We will announce details shortly.

Join the next level workshop for sourcers!

With great pleasure we can announce the first ROC workshop, organised to bring advanced sourcing knowledge from one of the leading global sourcing trainers to the recruitment community in Poland.

Gain a sourcing state of mind

and professionalise your sourcing process

Find hidden talent

using the internet, social media and other sources

Learn email best practices

to boost engagement and your response rates

Discover new tools

with an introduction to AI-based sourcing

Learn from one of the leaders in the sourcing industry!

HR tech | Sourcing | Future or work

Co-founder of HRTechnation.com | Advisor to HR Tech startups | Keynote speaker | Mentor @akt Labs | Advanced Sourcing trainer

Karen is a multi-disciplinarian, visionary professional who operates at the intersection of talent sourcing and recruitment technologies (HR Tech). She is a leading voice in the international sourcing community and regularly keynotes at conferences around Europe.

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Topics reviewed during the workshop:

  • The sourcing state of mind
  • 2 methods of sourcing – Keywords or Talent mapping
  • X ray searching – not only Linkedin, also blogs, conferences, etc.
  • How to source for “more fit” potential candidates top of the funnel (excellence, future-ready etc.)
    Will also mention some Hr tech here
  • Tools to enhance sourcing productivity – Chrome plug ins
  • Additional sources to source from.
  • Github and Stackoverflow for sourcers
  • Advanced sourcing platforms and tools for tech sourcing
  • Best practices and guidelines for winning emails

Approximate schedule of the workshop:

9.00 – 9.30 : Introduction & quick networking session

9.30 – 10.30 : State of mind & methodology / break 15 minutes

10.45 – 11.45 : Sourcing techniques and productivity/ break 15 minutes

12.00 – 13.00 : Sources of candidates, tech sourcing & outreach

Organisational details:

Location: Central Warsaw, TBC

Cost: 650 PLN + VAT for ROC members
750 PLN + VAT for non-members

Date: 16th March 2020, Monday

Time: from 9am until 1pm 3 hours + breaks

Do you have questions about the workshop? Please contact Kasia Tang at call@kasiatang.com